Key Personnel

Cynthia Skiff, President

Chase Tinsley, Director, Bids and Project Management

Albert Sanchez Jr., Senior Estimator/Project Manager—Demolition

Albert Sanchez Sr., Project Manager/Estimator—Abatement

Sonny Centeno, Estimator—Demolition

Benjamin Serrano, Project Manager/Estimator—Abatement

Edgar Escarcega, Operations Manager

Steven Scherbarth, Demolition Operations Manager

Mario Medina, Abatement Superintendent

Adriel Santiago, Project Engineer

Martin Bolanos, Labor Manager and Dispatcher

Maira Mijango, Accounting

Maggie Kitchell, Accounting

Cynthia Torres, Payroll

Richard Miller, Chief Executive Officer / Chief Operating Officer


18 Project Supervisors—Average 10 Years of Construction Trade Experience
80 Skilled Field Technicians—Capability of Retaining 125+ Technicians