Hazardous Materials Abatement

Resource Environmental specializes in the safe and effective removal of a wide range of contaminants found in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

We provide full service capabilities, delivered by a highly trained team of Hazardous Materials Technicians with extensive experience in all areas of assessment, containment and removal.

Utilizing the latest abatement technologies, we are fully equipped and prepared to handle a wide range of toxic materials and building contaminants.

Our projects range in scope from small and large-scale operations of the removal of all hazardous materials from hospitals, colleges, universities, industrial, commercial and military sites.

Hazardous Materials Waste Management
At Resource Environmental, we share your concern over the effect toxic materials can have on human health and the environment. Consequently, we have strict regulatory controls in place for the safe handling, transportation and disposal of the hazardous materials that are used for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

We provide our clients with environmentally sound solutions for the management and disposal of a wide variety of hazardous waste. Our team of highly trained and experienced Technicians will provide you with innovative waste management strategies and safely transport waste products to approved landfills and treatment facilities.

Our Hazardous Materials Services Include:
• Asbestos containing fireproofing, mechanical insulation, DWJC, vinyl sheet flooring, VAT, transite, roofing, caulking and more.
• Lead based paint, dusts, x-ray sheets from medical facilities and more.
• Mold and fungi.
• Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) ballasts and light bulbs.
• Building and soil contaminates consisting of chemicals, voc’s, biological/bio aerosols and more.
• Vermiculite