Asset Recovery & Recycling

Asset Recovery

At Resource Environmental, Inc., we forge collaborative partnerships with our clients to identify and meticulously salvage valuable building components and machinery for repurposing. Boasting a wealth of experience, our adept team has the capability to recover a vast array of items, while also cataloging all resalable equipment for auction. To manage the extraction of substantial assets such as switchgears, large-scale processing vats, boilers, and generators, we deploy a robust arsenal of heavy-duty machinery, reinforced by our highly skilled rigging crews.


Resource Environmental, Inc.’s specialized salvage team expertly segregates ferrous from non-ferrous metals on-site. This not only minimizes the overall waste footprint but also allows us to provide the most cost-effective solutions through the sale of an array of recycled materials including metals, brick, and crushed concrete. Utilizing advanced equipment like magnets, shears, and customized attachments for our excavators, we ensure the safe and efficient retrieval of recyclable materials, maximizing returns on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.